Alexander Wang PreFall 2010 inspiration

alexander wang pre fall 2010 1

Even though Marc Jacobs did this "jacket to cropped corset vest" thing a few seasons ago, I still love this new cleaner version by Alexander Wang. Although now after seeing Wang´s vest-belt I´d not make this by cropping a jacket, but from a mans suit vest or leather vest.

1. Cut the top part out.
2. Pin and sew darts to fit to your body.
3. Finish the top edge by sewing or with textile/leather glue.

It is a very versatile piece to wear, as you can se here styled in 3 different ways. For me it is one of those DIY classics that you can wear forever, all year round.

alexander wang pre fall 2010 4
alexander wang pre fall 2010 6
alexander wang pre fall 2010 5

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Outi Les Pyy

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