OutsaPop Trashion book - 2 and 3 finished

OutsaPop high waisted suit pants

I´m sewing 24/7 today as we have my upcoming (Cry Baby inspired) OutsaPop Trashion Book photoshoot on tomorrow. Here are the first finished pieces for guys, narrow legged high waisted suit pants and embroidered pin-up t-shirt. These will also be featured in my book tutorials. The pant pattern is unisex so girls can also make it fitted for themselves from suitpants or use the high waist instructions to spice up an old wool skirt. Reconstructed from two woollen mens suit pants and tee that I found from UFF seconhand store. I´m making my book with Books On Demand. Three down, ten to go....

OutsaPop high waisted suit pants

I should have used a darker shade of ocra when embroidering the skin lines... I had bought a metallic gold thread but it did not embroider nice to this tee. Too rough. Oh well, live and learn. I´ll re-do it if I have time..

OutsaPop embroidered pin-up t-shirt

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. You are so talented! Can't wait for the book!

  2. Sally Jupiter embroidery? Cool!

  3. Leggings: