OutsaPop book - butterfly sleeve prototype

OutsaPop butterfly sleeve prototype 2

I´ve been speed sewing the whole weekend in a serious caffeine high as I´m desperately trying to finish all garments for next Sundays Cry-Baby inspired OutsaPop Trashion book photoshoot. Here´s the first prototype, my version of the butterfly sleeve shirt (inspired by Belle Sauvage), made trashion style from secondhand mens shirts. I don´t like the color contrast so I´m propably making this from the original sleeve and not this plum colored one... To be continued...

And here´s what it will look like in the book. Looks quite different made from plaided flannel doesn´t it?

Copy of IMG_8003
Copy of IMG_8001

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. This looks like painstaking work! I bet the results will be fantastic. Is that Cry Baby as in the film with Johnny Depp?

  2. This is easier than it looks :) And yes, the theme for my book is taken from the movie Cry Baby. You can see inspiration theme boards here.


  3. Keep going, girl! You can do it! Very excited for this book -- sounds so hip and so Outi!

  4. ooh, it looks absolutely awesome in plaided flannel!

  5. These look fabulous! :)