Morph trashion - THE SKORT by Tineke Greijdanus

Tineke Greijdanus skort 1

Working on my upcoming trashion tutorial book (made with self publishing service BoD) takes pretty much all all my evenings and free time. So I apologise for the lack of new posts. I´ll try to correct the problem by recycling (re-posting) some older posts that are my favorites. :)

Mind What Your Wear is an indie fashion online store on a mission is to bring awareness about what you wear and consume. Right on the first page there was an odd category called SKORT. It turned out to be a stylish harem pant like morph between shorts and skirts designed by Tineke Greijdanus. You know I adore fashions remade from men´s wool suits and I think this is one of the most innovative suit reconstructions I have seen as usually people make refashioned skirts and dresses but not that many pants. I´d love to see tham making these pants with longer legs as they remind me of Anglomania.

Tineke Greijdanus skort 2
Tineke Greijdanus skort 3
Tineke Greijdanus skort 5

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. I like the SKORT. I like how other pieces of fabric have been used to make it. I would like to try that with a pair of my pants. Not a SKORT, but shorts with a contrasting piece of fabric.

  2. I on the other hand would love to rock one of them skorts with my t-shirt collection!
    I reckon you could easily just carry on into full length with the leg, by making the bottom bit look like skinny jeans/other well fitted trouser leg, eh?
    it the manner of westwood reconstructed anglomania collections or galliano homme collections?

  3. Trashion version of Anglomania. My thoughts exactly.

  4. Added you to links on -source of diy fashion tutorials

  5. heips! mä sain n. vuosi sitten nimenomaan sun blogista inspiraation mun opinnäytetyöhöni. suunnittelin ja valmistin siis tyttömäisen naistenvaatemalliston miesten puvuista ja kauluspaidoista. lähetinkin sulle meiliä siihen mallistoon liittyen n. kuukausi sitten, mutta huomasin eilen että se on näköjään tullut mulle bumerangina takaisin. harmi, sillä mulla oli mallistoon liittyen kysely, johon olisin ollut kiinnostunut saamaan myös sun vastauksia. :) no, anyway jos kiinnostaa tsekata niin kuvia mallistosta mun blogissa, en tiedä miks en nyt pysty sitä tähän linkittämään. osoite kuitenkin on, ja marraskuun alta löytyy mallisto. kiitos inspiraatiosta! :)

  6. i love this! i think i want to buy some =) when is your book coming out? =)

  7. Mary B.: Were shooting the book images with in two weeks. Then´m off to holidays, but it will be published as soon as the lay out is complete sometime late January... But don´t worry. Keep reading my blog and you´ll be sure not to miss it!