High Society Pixie

Pixie Geldof in Kay Desmond handmade bolero 1

"I love the decadence of the palace of Versailles and the fact that they lived such a opulent life whilst the country was falling apart. I love the colour of the fabric and the fact the ruffles almost look like distressed denim which gives it a modern edge." This is how Kay Desmond describes her 18th century France High Society inspired bolero, worn here by Pixie Geldof. This unique handmade piece is exclusively available at Not Just A Label's THE SHOP. I´m thinking this looks some what like the ruffle shoulder piece I made last spring. Except that there´s more fabric used here, the fabric is pleated and not gathered and the ruffles are sewn onto the jacket. Same same, but different.
If you want to have a go at this, remember that the fabric is ripped, not cut, to strips. If you want to make it look more frayed, take some weft threads out and wash a few times in machine with your normal laundry.

Pixie Geldof in Kay Desmond handmade bolero 5
Pixie Geldof in Kay Desmond handmade bolero 4
Pixie Geldof in Kay Desmond handmade bolero 3

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. kind of love it ...the detail on the front looks like the pink victorian ruffle collar/scarf I made. Easy!


  2. i LOVE this!
    i love how it looks so raggy yet so pretty at the same time!
    have a nice monday!
    emma x