Congratulations! You are winner!

Clint Catalyst and Jared Gold Collaboration Prize Pin 1
"WTF" prize pin ("For The Win!" Otherwise, why even bother?).

Prize pins are adorable. I´ve made some for myself to look like beauty pageant competitorn numbers. And now I want them even more when I saw what the collaboration between Clint Catalyst and Jared Gold has created. Why settle for II-prize when you could have a WTF-pin or others alike in new surpricing categories? Available at Etsy. Via Haute Macabre.

"HATER" prize pin. Aldo Vento flaunts his Hater status in black-on-black-on-black…
Clint Catalyst and Jared Gold Collaboration Prize Pin 2

"EPIC" prize pin. Photo by Dirk Mai. Modeled by a Most Epic Individual, Miss Pauley Perrette.
Clint Catalyst and Jared Gold Collaboration Prize Pin 3

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Also Subversive Jewelry had this in his line awhile was in Marie Claire or Vogue if I remember correctly...and it was like $178.

    For a pin!!!
    I'm liking these versions so much better:-)

  2. Funny.

  3. Thanks inordinate amounts for the mention!

    I did a twitter post stating my excitement, but want to make sure you get the message directly...

    Very Best Regards from The City Of Smog & Stardust,

  4. mahdotonta kommentoida englanniksi: aivan äskettäin Designmuseossa oli myynnissä tekstiilitaiteen näyttelyn yhteydessä kankaalle kirjottuja rintaneuloja teksteillä : "vanha lumppu", "rättiväsynyt" tms, hauskoja, mutta hinnakkaita...

  5. ooooooh, i love the hater pin. nice!