Miss Alessia 2

I love this giant scrunchie looking shoulder piece. I´d make it from used mens shirts, old bed linens or thrifted curtains sewn to a looooong tube (narrower from one part). Perfect trashion accessory for Xmass parties and New Years. The tube needs to be about 2-3 times longer than your finished shoulder scrunchie dependng how thick fabric you use. My advice is to first make it longer and then cut off fabric if needed. Place inside an elastic band to gather it around your shoulders. The leftover pieces of fabric can be cut up to smaller pieces and made to scrap fabric fascinators (crafting felt base). Photos by Alessia Laudoni.

Miss Alessia 1
Miss Alessia 4
Miss Alessia 3

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. I love the ruffly headpiece in the last two photos. Is it a headband?


  2. I think not. That much fabric is too heavy for a headband. Cut a circle shaped piece from crafting felt and measure narrow flat elastic band around your head. Sew it to the circle edges. Fill the felt with handsewn fabric pieces.