Balmain Summer 2011

Balmain SS2011 4

Even though the new collection from Balmain is not really anything new to the fashion scene, to the DIY trashionista it is a jackpot. Abrasions continue, although next season they will be companied with thousands of safetypins and studs. I´m also very happy to see they've refashioned the SS2009 bleached denims and colored them as I can now do the same with mine. There are corsets constructed from leather and denim raw edged pattern pieces that are put together with (just?) safetypins, freehand fabric printing and textile marker works and a variety of dirty treatments (DIY them with golden spraypaint, old shoe polish or tea/coffee dip dye). All pants are cropped and narrow legged.

Balmain SS2011 42
Balmain SS2011 5
Balmain SS2011 39
Balmain SS2011 2
Balmain SS2011 3
Balmain SS2011 14
Balmain SS2011 21
Balmain SS2011 22
Balmain SS2011 25
Balmain SS2011 27
Balmain SS2011 29
Balmain SS2011 33
Balmain SS2011 34
Balmain SS2011 35
Balmain SS2011 40
Balmain SS2011 43
Balmain SS2011 44
Balmain SS2011 45

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. bir doğal felaketten yeni kurtulup podyuma atmışlar kendilerini...
    yanık ve tozlu görünüm özellikle çok hoş

  2. That vest must weigh a bloody ton. Also, love the red sparkly pants. I think I might deconstruct a few tees with the safety pins in mind.

  3. love it, but the models are kind of... too pretty i guess, they should have been more... edgy.