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Tea sugar salt Gift wrapping Idea

I'm absolutely tebbible at gifts. I never able to source them on time and put way too much thought on what I should get. And propably never get it right anyway. Housewarming parties are the worst.. You can never buy something for the house as knowing ones interior taste requires skill and still the gift should be something homely. Showing up with a bottle of wine is fine but very boring. Of course one could always just buy a package of salt and a rye bread (a tradition in Finland), but they should be wrapped up nice to make an impression. I´m always on the lookout for new creative (and sustainable) ways to gift wrap things. This idea uses thrifted coffee cups as wrapping. You can pack sugar, salt or tea in them and make a regular 2 euro food package look much better. Inexpencive and definately memorable!

Via Whipup.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Man oh man....I definitely needed this. My sister and I needed something to give to our family and this is going to be perfect. Thanks and maay hugs for this great gift idea.

  2. It looks good but the problem with that solution is that then the recipient of the gift is left with a coffee cup or tea mug that doesn't probably go with their decor. What should they do then? Throw it away (no!), put it on the shelf never to be used again (no!) or pass on the mug as a gift for someone else (no!)?

  3. These are so cute!

    Just came across your blog!

  4. I love the idea of turning a housewarming into a pantry tea and then using some ribbons to pull it all together.

    I agree that many people do have a fixation on things matching. For some people it is, sadly, an obsession. For creative people like ourselves it really does cramp our style somewhat.

    When I need to find a present for a person who is a matching freak I have one solution. I know that if i don't give a matching present mine will go in a cupboard. Therefore I make something that can go immediately into a cupboard, that is coat hangers.

    Now I do see in home magazines that people have matching coathangers but I bet few people actually stick to this.

    I think people like to see their favourite clothes hanging on pretty or sexy hangers. I One year I even managed to sell lots of coathangers at a school fete just before father's day. They were mainly purchased as children's gifts to dad or grandad. Coathangers are also good for presents to teachers.

    I gave a brown velvet coathanger to a teenage boy once. His sister immediately put her graduation dress on hers and he told me with a smile that he would hang his best shirt on his!

    We can cover those wooden ones or even the wireones from the dry cleaners. They take small quantities of fabric or knittng/crocheting yarn and small amounts of trim so are quite economical.

    Not sure about the wrapping of them. I must admit to using cellophane or ordinary gift wrapping.

  5. Reija, of course this is not a gift wrapping idea for someone who would not have any use for the mugs or coffe cups afterwards. Maybe buying them in sets of 2 would be good so they would be a set. But this idea is really just an inexpencive way to "wrap" pretty a basic gift like salt or tea if you can´t come up with a more spesific house warming gift. Baking something is also a good gift!! I love homemade cinnamon rolls. Yummy.

    Thanks Wongwear! I must investigate this DIY hanger thing further :)