Alexander McQueen Summer 2011

Alexander McQueen Summer 2011 13

I´m sure McQueen's successor Sarah Burton and her crew have been on valium for the past months as expectations for their next collection with out the vision of Alexander have been sky high. But when the doors opened and the first look walked down it was like the Master never left the building. The collection looks amazing. I always look collections through with eyes catching how much I can implement to my DIY projects. For this collection it was the arc-shaped miniskirts, new sleeve construction ideas for refashioning and leather distressing works. I must make myself that leather leaf belt... It is just too gorgeous. Check out the complete collection and HD runway video at McQueen website.

Alexander McQueen Summer 2011 08
Alexander McQueen Summer 2011 09
Alexander McQueen Summer 2011 03
Alexander McQueen Summer 2011 05
Alexander McQueen Summer 2011 11
Alexander McQueen Summer 2011 17
Alexander McQueen Summer 2011 22
Alexander McQueen Summer 2011 24
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Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Those are just amazing, I'm totally starstruck.

  2. Very McQueen-like but nothing new

  3. I often look at runway collections ans see how far they are from being ready to wear (for the average joe like myself) but this collection is so pretty I would love to wear it as is-right now-yes please.

    Those belt pieces are gorgeous. I need to go out and buy a bunch of belts now for combining into four belt obis!

  4. I love the third look- the eyelet dress w/ the tassels. Oh my! So pretty! And that bag is brilliant.


  5. Wow, the model in the sixth photo from the top has REALLY hairy arms!

  6. Mopar Lynn, I know. It is really sad. When a person is that thin (size zero) they are cold all the time because the body does not have enough fat to keep it warm. Looking out for signs like fluffy looking bodyhair is one way of detecting anorexia and such.

  7. Absolutely beautiful, and one could wear those off the catwalk, just like that. Which makes them even more wonderful!
    Le Roi est mort, vive le Roi!

  8. hairy arms.....

  9. hairy arms

  10. just LOVE this. pure brilliance.