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DIY hanger cover Julianne-Smith photo Studio Juno

Wardrobe organization is important to me as I want to take care of my clothes. Wongwear reminded me of an forgotten place to customize in your home, your wardrobe hangers! One important thing in wardrobe maintanance is to store all your garments properly on right sized and shaped hangers. Many of us propably use wire hangers, but they are not the best ones for heavy winter clothes and definately not for coats or knitwear. They are too thin and leave bulgy marks to shoulders.. Your best evening wear and vintage treasures also deserve a pretty hanger. Below a few ideas on how to customize your hangers and what other stuff you can make out of them and what you can use to make them.

DIY hanger cover Julianne-Smith photo Studio Juno 2
DIY hanger cover Apartment Therapy
DIY hanger cover Country Living
DIY hanger cover tutorial by Between The Lines

DIY wedding hanger cover tutorial by Julianne Smith at The Garter Girl and at Between The Lines. Exellent way to use fabric and ribbon leftovers to cover wire hangers. Or use thrifted bedsheets to make a bigger batch.

DIY hanger fabric trips padded cover
DIY hanger fabric trips padded tutorial
DIY hanger fabric trips padded tutorial 3

This tutorial shows how you can use strips of fabric from old clothes or knits to cover wire hangers. Your clothes will stay on better.. Via Apartment Therapy and Between The Lines.

DIY hanger Outsapop Trashion cardboard

My tutorial in making trashion cardboard hangers by using photocopy pictures of your friends of idols.Photo by Mika Pollari.

DIY hanger trashion wood chairs 2
DIY hanger trashion wood chairs 3
DIY hanger trashion wood chais 1

Stylish trashion hangers from wooden chairs. Great idea for craft fair displays and design shops where you need the hangers to be visible. Via Wear The Canvas.

DIY hanger wood branch

DIY Display hangers from natural wood branches. "There is nothing to explain and the non-profit design group Les Petit Reins wants no money for the idea that nor do they sell this as a product. Given how easy and obvious it is, has no real chance of becoming a copyright anyway. Just go down to the hardware store, find a metal screw hook and pick up a stick on your way home to make your own creative wooden coat hangar." Via Dornob.

DIY hangers panthanger frames

Wooden suit pant hangers turned into wall hanging frames. Via Design Sponge.

DIY hanger wire wall book rack

DIY weblog SuperZiper details how to turn a simple wire hanger into a book, magazine, or file rack with just a few simple bends. All it takes is a sturdy wire hanger, a nail, and a few minutes and you've got a quick rack. The author uses her wire hanger rack to hold library books near the door so she doesn't forget them on the way out. Via Apartment Therapy.

DIY hanger wall organizer

Alternative wall hanging system from plastic hangers. Via Apartment Therapy.

DIY Hanger Chandelier 2
DIY hanger chandelier

DIY chandelier lamp shades from plastic hangers.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Great post! Some familiar projects and some surprising and cool! And a great reminder that I have a bunch of hangers that could use a makeover.

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