DIY instant scarf bags

Via Do it your self.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Hi there!
    This is so clever! What a lovely blog you have here! Lots of good inspiration and pictures.. Thanks for sharing!

    Let me know if you wanna be followers!
    Love from Stockholm

  2. This is so very much like the Japanese furoshiki - traditionally, a large scarf used for carrying anything and everything, tied in a multitude of ways and re-used again and again.
    Here is a beautiful illustration courtesy of the Japanese government, with 14 different ways of tying the furoshiki (including the way seen above!):

    Really cool!

  3. Hi Outi!
    I'm not sure if I hit the refresh button too quickly after my last comment so I don't know if it posted...

    But I re-posted this here ( along with the instructions to tying a Japanese furoshiki (large scarf) - 14 ways! This video really reminded me of the furoshiki...

    Thought you might be interested!