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Halloween costume idea Clockwork Orange

Everybody is fussing about Halloween. Here is my costume tip: Alex from Stanley Kubric's legendary movie, Clockwork Orange.

Halloween costume idea Clockwork Orange 2

Things You'll Need:

WHITE SHIRT. This should be easy to find. Any white dress shirt will do. If you can find a banded collar shirt (a thin collar), even better. If not, you can turn the collar of a regular shirt inside out.
WHITE PANTS. You can use any white pants, including chef's pants, karate pants, even dress pants. Just make sure they are long enough to tuck into your boots. As you can see from the pics, the shirt or pants don't have to be paper white, but smudges and dirt is allowed!
BLACK COMBAT BOOTS. Get army boots. The boots Alex wore in the movie were U.S. Army paratrooper "jump" boots, circa 1960's. Any black military-type boots should work.
BOWLER HAT. This is the trickiest one. You can find cheap versions at some costume shops, but I recommend you ask around from friends. Somebody is bound to own a genuine bowler.
FAKE EYELASHES. You can get these at many make-up/hair care stores or departments. If wearing or putting on fake lashes sounds like a handfull, just draw the laskes with some liquid eyeliner. It will look just the same. And girls, keep your overall makeup to a minimum! This look has no red lipstick, blush or eyeshadow.
WHITE SUSPENDERS. If you can't find them at local secondhand stores, you can call around to tuxedo rental stores in your area and ask if they have any used ones they would be willing to sell you.
CANE. Any black cane will do. Try a suit rental shop if you can't find one secondhand. Check also grandpa's wardrobe for vintage sartorial treasures.
THE CODPIECE. If buying this secondhand (even though it's worn over your clothes) grosses you out, just leave it. It would really complete the look, but is not mandatory in my opinion. Especially if you´re a girl :P

The key to any costume is the presentation. Don't worry if everything isn't exactly right, just make sure you smile like a psychopath. Happy Halloween folks!

Halloween costume idea Clockwork Orange 3

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. my friend designed a fetish droog. i didn't think it could get any better-but it did. spiked suspenders really 1 upped the whole look.