Trashion workshop @ Paloni 13.6.

I´ll be hosting another trashion workshop at Paloni next week on Wednesday 13.6.. This time I´ll show you how to customize shirts by cutting the shoulders and decorating them with zippers / chains / pearls. The participation fee 19€ per person includes tuition, recycled materials for decorating your blouse, and some summerly servings. Note: you'll need to bring the shirt yourself - a loose fit design and a draping material work best, but you can also work on a denim shirt. Everyone will finish one shirt during the evening, but you can also bring two if you like.

No separate registration required - just join this event to reserve your seat!

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. wow.. i never kniw how good this really looks. well "I'm going to make this!" :D