Back to the future

"Future Revival"
Vogue Germany July 2012 

I adore the Fall 2012 collection for Balenciaga. It has all the good things about the 80´s and still the silhouette is fresh. In this editorial from Vogue Germany brings this revisited 80´s modernism to today. Who ever thought that my little pony pastel colored hair would look so modern with crazy geometric Cosby sweaters?? Note to second hand shoppers: look out for XXL sized pastel colored mens overcoats. You´ll need them when it gets cold again.

Photos: Knoepfel & Indlekofer 
Models: Iris Van Berne, Kendra Spears, Melissa Stasiuk 
Fashion Editor/Stylist: Nicola Knels 
Hair: James Pecis, Yumi Nakada-Dingle 
Makeup: Itsuki

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Beautiful stuff I love the oversized look. My hair used to look somewhat like the blond hair... I especially love the outfits in the second photo with the interesting jackets and skirt. Thanks for sharing :)

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  3. those printed scuba sweatshirts!

    (Yep there´s an english translation to the DIY sunglasses below the blogpost ;) )

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