Aalto University Spring 2012 - Näytös XII

Thank you Mikko Jylhä! I know it´s odd to start a fashion show post like this but I feel I should express my gratitude, because this man and his photographs made me so happy today. You came through when all other medias, press and PR-people failed. For many years now I have read about fabulous collections of Art School graduates from all over the world and followed their careers from there on. But I have never been able to share some of our Finnish fashion graduate talents to you as their collections have not been available online before (would you believe it? Even though Finland is one of the leading countries in tech and www development we often suck at PR and marketing. We are a humble folk..). Finally we have caught up with the times. Well, almost. It took me a week to track down these images for you through my friends and other bloggers so I hope you enjoy them! I really hope Aalto University links them (and all available videos) to their website, where it would be a logical place to look for them. Better late than never. Bla bla bla... On to the good stuff.

A week ago Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture held their student catwalk which exhibits the curated thesis projects by MA and BA students and alumni show for spring 2012 called NÄYTÖS XII. The alumni designers were R/H, Sasu Kauppi, Saara Lepokorpi and Ensaemble. For the first time ever Finnish television YLE Teema aired the catwalk show live on television and internet which made it possible for anyone in the country to join in. In case you missed it, it can still be viewed online, both the student catwalk and alumni show. The student catwalk is especially worth watching as the clothes show much better live than in the images plus you get full coverage.

The student show itself had made a huge improvement from previous years, probably due to the fact that Helsinki is now the World Design Capital of 2012 and this time there were many high level fashion people sitting in the audience, some all the way from Vogue (so I heard). You could see that the students had worked their butts off for this show. All collections looked finished and up to date, styling/hair/make-up was well done and everybody looked good walking. Many of the women´s collections had a futuristic look to them with geometric cuts and fits, shiny-matte surfaces mixed with floral patterns. If you like Prada-Marni-Balenciaga you should like these as well.

You can check out the full catwalk lineup via NÄYTÖS XII blog, but here are my favorites:

Beautiful silhouette, love the color scheme shaping. 
Androgynous chic with pleats, lace, fur and lacquer fabrics.


The multicolor foil looks super combined with flowers and a nude color palette. Yet the collection reminded me of Tokyo tech tomboys..

These chrystal caps are off the hook.. DIY?

Detail photos by  Meri Karhu / Pintaa.

The Renaissance cut multicolor foil jacket with bomber jacket detailing was one of my favorites in the entire show. Such a beautiful example how a historical piece can be brought to modern days and make it look fresh and wearable.


I truly hope YLE will also air the shows from all the years to follow and not make this just a one time thing as (Finnish) people will never start to appreciate fashion if the only thing they see is H&M catalogues. Airing these shows also supports the students in getting recognition and possible job offers. But let´s see if Aalto University takes some steps to improve their communication after the show. I´m sure not all bloggers are willing to look up images for a week..

Thanks for the show!! It was fantastic.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Kiitos kun jaksat laittaa näitä kuvia tänne. Kun asuu täällä "korvessa" niin ei pääse luonnossa näkemään muuta kuin markettien tusinatavaraa..