Trashion Pollock

Photo Mikko Rasila

Wear abstract expressionism and release your inner artist. One of the refashioning tutorials in my book will be how to make this Jackson Pollock inspired paint splatter shirt. Do it in just one color or multiple. Easy and fun. If you want to see more pics from the shoot we had last sunday, head to Stella´s blog. Like she said, I´m truly blessed to have so many inspirational, creative and talented people as my friends. Without them this DIY book would never see the light of day. <3

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Love your top dear :D
    Have a nice day!

    With love,Mia

  2. Loving this look x

  3. I don't comment often (oh, my English..), but I'm regular reader of your blog, and... Oh, I love you Outi, you and your ideas are incredible! Can't wait your book, hope it'll be available in my country /Poland/. If not...I'll find it :D

  4. Hi Outi, i made something similar a while ago: