DIY home - hidden internet router

More cool interior DIY projects! Most electrical devices for homes are ugly. To me anyway. I think technology should neither be seen nor heard until required/requested. Wireless internet routers are the worst. They need to be kept somewhere visible so you get good reception but I can´t imagine anyone (except geeks) to actually want to see them. Ever. Anamu blog suggests you hide them inside a book. And after it is done, you can logically place the book-router on to of your book shelf for unblocked coverage of your home. Genius!

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. my mom's gonna love the idea!

  2. Thanks for sharing these, but the router thing is a very bad idea. Especially if you keep things like that camera on top. The router (especially the larger ones that get a lot of use) needs to vent excess heat and blocking the vents on top + the side is really unsafe. At best you'll be setting off the smoke alarm when the glue between the card and canvas in the book cover starts smoking. Probably not great for your lungs either.