What makes a good fashion blog?


I get asked a lot about bloggin and tips on how to get people interested in it and how run it successfully. This is what I have to say about it. :)

"I have been writing by blog now for almost 5 years. It took a looong time before people noticed my blog, so don´t get discouraged if you don´t get comments or feedback soon. It takes time, almost a year in my case. People still don´t comment that much in my blog even though I know a lot of people visit it. This is probably because people tend to comment more on personal stuff than general posts. As you might have noticed, I don´t post about my personal life much as I want to keep my blog just about inspiration and DIY fashion.

In my point a good (fashion)blog has quality images. Especially many young bloggers don´t realize how important they are. Good imaginary is vital if you´re interested in keeping up a premium look in your blog. I´ve had to pass on writing about many fashion labels and even on my own creations if I cannot find/take good images. No good pictures, no post. If you look at the top 10 fashion blogs in the world, they all have beautiful pictures and the writer clearly has an eye for good photography (or photoshopping..). If you have a camera, learn to use it in the best way to make the most of it. Take pictures about everything as fashion and inspiration can come from the strangest places.

There is a million fashion blogs out there about "my daily style/outfit", "what I bought today", "celeb style" or "polyvore shopping wish lists". If a blog is this 90%, I find it to be a bit narcissistic, lazy journalism and sooo boring. Anyone can do that.. A fashion blog can be so much more than daily outfits! Do your research on fashion. Find out what inspires the designers, where they come from and what is the collections connection to historical fashion references. What is the reason one dresses up like they do? What does it say about them? Go deeper and educate yourself as you write. Outfit posts are definitely ok in my book if the blogger clearly has a strong personal taste in styling. One is also able to keep a fashion blog successfully without it having to be all about you (The Sartorialist for example!). Be interested about personalities, not just about the things one wears.

Susanna Lau aka Style Bubble (photo above) is a good example of a brilliant fashion blogger. She has strong personal style, funny/critical/ironic way of writing, she blogs loads about new designers and fashion talents and she does her research. When I started reading her blog, she was still taking (DIY fashion) outfit photos in her bedroom against the mirror, but she photoshopped them well. But she evolved quickly to quality photography.

A good blogger has thought through opinions and some sort of angle/approach to the things they write about. Be a free fashion journalist! Firstly I would think about the topics you want to write about. A strong blog usually is concentrated on only a few subjects. When I started my blog, no one was writing just about DIY fashion, just recycle crafts so I felt I was doing something new. I started on writing about anything I could find about recycled fashions but it quickly narrowed down to a few subjects as I got better in sourcing my stories and images.

Writing a blog takes time. To be successful you have to commit to it. Sourcing stories takes loads of time, much more than actually writing the post. For every post I spend 15 minutes writing, I´ve spent two hours of looking up background info, links and photos. I have 84 blogs in my reader that I follow daily to keep up in fashion. Plus all the fashion shows and collections I browse through. So it has to be more than just a hobby. It must be a passion.

A blogger also has to realize that the brands they write about, will end up profiling their personal style. This is why I for example write about brands like H&M, Gina Tricot, Zara or ASOS very rarely. I don´t want to be profiled in that brand/consumer group in any way. I think they are cheap. But I do write loads about second hand, vintage, indie fashion brands, high fashion labels and other fashion professionals. I also try to find people and brands that others have not heard about yet. It gives my blog a fresh angle and my readers something new."

So go find your style and enjoy writing!



Outi Les Pyy

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  1. great tips well written, thanks :)

  2. this photo is amazing!

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  3. Hei, olen juuri löytänyt blogisi ja itse aloittanut oman lifestyle-blogin. Kiitos aivan mahtavasta postauksesta, tästä sai sekä inspiraatiota että käytännön tietoa/neuvoa. Tulen ehdottomasti seuraamaan blogiasi jatkossakin. Keep up the good work girl! :)

  4. Kiitos vinkkejä, todella motivoivaa. olet oikeassa, jokainen rakastaa kommentit ^ ^
    Terveisiä Valencia
    Espanja, sinun ovat uskollisia lukijoita

  5. Thanks for the tips. Definitely something to think about...

  6. Thank you for sharing your tips.really appreciated

  7. For that, I'm going to leave a comment, after months of reading and being inspired!

    Very well put, Outi - I try to visit your blog at least 3 times per week and always find something to appreciate, be it the way you formulate your own point of view, your eye for diy ideas, or an introduction to an unknown designer.

    I hadn't really considered the photographic aspect to good fashion blogging, but on reflection I'd say you're right. A clean blog design with relevant advertising doesn't hurt either.

  8. nice tips for me as a new blogger thaaank you so much and i need to make my blog more interesting now :)


  9. That's great advice! I recently just started by own blog and wasn't sure where it could go...guess I'll just have to wait a few years to find out haha

  10. Dottyspeckles, one learns best by doing, so start your blog! But good things don´t come fast. Just be aware that you should be self critical about your writing and you are trying to improve your blog as you make it. Always think of ways to take it to the next level. :)

  11. Outi this is a great post. Your advice is very valuable. :)

  12. I completely agree with all your points especially how blogging must be a passion in order for it to thrive. I just started mine and realize that I have to implement some of your advice onto my blog so thank yo for opening my eyes.