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Stolen Girlfriends Club western leather denim shorts 1

Now that the classic 80´s TV show Dallas is airing again with generation 2 episodes, western styled details are sure to come back to fashion. Denim shorts are always a good refashioning project. Ok.. Maybe not for mid winter, but for the coming spring. Stolen Girlfriends Club has these country cool western styled leather detail shorts in their Fall collection that should be an easy DIY project. I always store the leather pieces that are left over from my other projects, like cutting leather pants into shorts. Those scraps are perfect for projects like this. Black on black is always a stylish option. If denim shorts are too much, try this type of detailing on pencil skirt or dress hems.

How to:
Cut the legs off from your jeans.
Draw a curvy shape on paper and try it on the shorts.
When you find a good shape, cut it out of leather.
Glue the leather pieces on using textile glue.
Secure leather piece by sewing along the piece edge.

The collection also has these amazing boots with similar detailing. You can make a matching pair by making a stencil from masking tape and spray painting it with metallic colors on to an old pair.

Photos via Pixie Market.

Emma ankle boot gold black Stolen Girlfriends Club western leather denim shorts 2 Stolen Girlfriends Club western leather denim shorts 3 Stolen Girlfriends Club western leather denim shorts 4

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Beautiful! Love the shorts!

  2. you have a new follower: me! i like your blog!

    ciao from italy :)

  3. Great idea!

  4. those shoes. those shorts. gahh.