Marni denim project

marni denim 2

Apparently Marni released a denim collection last year with spot and pearl printed boyfriend fit jeans. How could have I missed this? Anyways, I adore polka dots. Such a timeless classic. I´m definitely thinking about printing my loose jeans with a black dotted surface in the front. Or legs from hem on the inside so it will appear when you roll them up. Maybe not with a stencil, but with a round shaped stamp. The pearl-print I´m not too fond of, but the idea is clear. Spots? Diagonal stripes? Also notice the waist structure. The waist band is ripped out form the oversized boyfriend jean and replaced with a sweat pant top with draw strings or canvas belt. They help to keep the jeans up even if they are too big for you.

marni-current-elliott jeans 12 marni-current-elliott jeans 13 marni-current-elliott jeans 10 marni-current-elliott jeans 11

marni-current-elliott jeans 8 marni-current-elliott jeans 1 marni-current-elliott jeans 3 marni-current-elliott jeans 2

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. i looove the printed cuffs this is such a brilliant idea, may lead to me doing a DIY project of my own!

  2. Its perfect :)

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