Trashion Goddess


Here are some snap shots from our trashion book photo shoot. Minttu was wearing my prize jewel, an evening gown refashioned from 6 mens second hand leather jackets. The tutorial for covering clothes into strips of leather will be in the book, but from a smaller garment. With this I wanted to show you guys what it can be if you triple the amount of materials and working hours. She looked like a trashion goddess with universal connections and secret powers. I cannot wait to see the frames from Mikko´s camera..

Model / Stylist: Minttu Vesala Hair & Make-Up: Pentti Syrjälä

IMG_0770.jpg_effected IMG_0664.jpg_effected-001 IMG_0721.jpg_effected IMG_0688.jpg_effected IMG_0819.jpg_effected IMG_0807 IMG_0732 IMG_0657.jpg_effected IMG_0777 IMG_0769 IMG_0821 IMG_0733

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Amazing dress!

  2. I love this gown! I love leather as material in general and because it does not unthread.
    This gown is both so elegant and gothic and very modern, congratulation for the great job!
    About the working hours: yes it looks like a lot of work!

  3. The base dress had to be fitted first so that alone too two hours. Then cutting up all the jackets was another 4 hours.. But good material preparation is always worth it. The total working hours for this dress was about 16 h. But I believe it is better to make just one amazing dress than three casual ones.