DIY fashion iPad app - MILK

Milk DIY fashion iPad App 2

Time to vote people!! Just when I was talking about what makes a good fashion blogger, Tash from Milk & Mead gives us great news. Her DIY fashion project has been chosen to be a top 3 finalist to be published to iPad! Congratulations girl!! Her blog is another brilliant example how a chic fashion blog should look like (clean design, simple projects, good images) AND this iPad app of hers is pure DIY fashion innovation which I wish I had thought of. (Naah, finish your book, finish your book..) Anyways, let´s make sure she gets the for support of crafters around the world and snags the first prize. You want to see this project published.

Vote here. Klick klick.

"Milk is a DIY fashion magazine exclusively for the iPad. Each issue features 6-9 new and easy to follow tutorials ranging in cost and time required. Taking it’s cues from street style and high fashion trends alike, Milk is a source of both inspiration and instruction."

MILK, by Natasha Mead, Wellington, New Zealand from Mag+ on Vimeo.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. love it!

    GIVEAWAY on my blog

  2. Just wow, how insanely great blog! Chic and clean indeed