Summer garters

Black Garter with Ripped Tights 1

Pantyhose are just way too hot for summer but I still prefer to have at least something on my legs. I´ve never liked stay-ups as they tend to make my thighs bulge in places I´d rather they didn't. So, a quick look at womens under dressing history brought me to garters. They can be worn during the day with denim/leather shorts or under a skirt. And in the evening.. well, in good company. Garters are super comfortable to wear compared to pantyhose or leggins and you cannot help but to feel sexy while wearing them, even though nobody could see them underneath your clothes. I looked up what Etsy has to offer in this accessory caterogy and was really happily surprised to see styles for all bodytypes, sizes and dressing styles.

The most simple garter belt is made from elastic band and suspender clips. They are pretty simple to DIY, but if you want to buy them handmade check out Etsy.


Suspender Cage Garter Belt 1
Suspender Cage Garter Belt 3


White Garter with Ripped Tights 1

Or the garters can be attached to your undies directly. You can also use jersey (top upper part used upside down) to make the belt.

Loungerie GuardHers Garter Belt 1


Bamboo Jersey Suspender Knickers 5
Bamboo Jersey Suspender Knickers 1
Bamboo Jersey Suspender Knickers 3

A more modern option is to sew the clips directly to your tank top, if the hem is long enough. The hem is cut and sewn to a curvy shape and finished with elastic band.


Garter Tank 1

Swan Clothing makes adjustable thigh garters that can also be worn with knee socks.

SWANclothing Sock and Thigh High Garters

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. i LOVE these,need to make a pair,especially the last pair

    kate xo

  2. I love garters, especially sock garters. If the tops of them are shown it makes any outfit have a little bit of a sexy edge to them, but then you can hide them and it can be your hidden secret!

  3. such a timely article! just bought a pair from ebay today :)

  4. Like your blog!!

    Check it out :-)

  5. Great blog. I'd seen most of these before(bit of an obsessive etsy browser) but I think I'm going to have to buy myself one of those garter tanks, would be totally useful for layering.

  6. Sockdreams sold garters that's just a length of elastic with a suspender clip on either end so you can clip one end to anything (hem of shorts, for example) while the other end is clipped to the stocking. Later on I realized they are just mitten clips:

  7. Brilliant!.. and thank you for the shout. Clip them on, everyone can use a little breezes.
    Sincerely, Jennifer M. Brown from Under The Root

  8. This made me think of Kriss Soonik who designs what she calls loungerie, and the suspender top is one of her signature pieces!

    Then you can also knit your own garther belt ;) I just finished making the matching gloves (so sorry the pictures are awful but i can asure you the knit pattern is great)

  9. i nhave made my own socks garters! it's is more simply than Swan, but cool ^^