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Victoria Grant Britain Rocks Beret 3

"This stunning beret hat will ensure you are the talk of the town! Victoria Grant has created this piece exclusively for Go-British. Inspired by Britain’s rich Royal heritage and London’s rock and roll culture this union jack hat is a masterpiece from felt, traditional millinery Petersham, and Swarovski crystal chain. This hat can be worn as a hair band (elastic is hidden in the hair) just as easily with something sophisticated as it is to be styled in a more offbeat way with casual wear."

Yeah, it is gorgeous.. Union jack is super simple to make your self. Buy the red french netting from Etsy or use tulle, the navy wool hat from a secondhand shop (it can be any shape), The crystal chain from old necklaces (crystal or any other type of sparkly chain) and the ribbons you already propably have at home.

Price: 590 pounds at Go British.
DIY: a lot less

Victoria Grant Britain Rocks Beret 1
Victoria Grant Britain Rocks Beret 2

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  1. This is a stunning piece! I want it! :D