Block Party

Shakuhachi FW 2011 4

Used to be a 70´s maxi skirt? Is now a top that´s just way longer from the back. You need scissors.

block party

Leather skirts look better if the side seams are slit open.

Shakuhachi FW 2011 2

Photos Shakuhachi.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Lovee when the back is longerr! Totally takes it to a another level <333

  2. Rad. I love this!

  3. Here is a recent episode of my TV show where I talk with Emmalyn Kayser, founder of the Lexicon Collective, a new organization created to promote local fashion culture and develop a community of DIYers that connect through creative expression in everyday fashion in Iowa City. Joining us are fashion designers Amanda Payne from Hoof and Horn Leather goods, Misty Blank, a designer for Gindy Laura, and model Mary-Kate Gales. They talk about the rise of DIY fashion both nationally as well as internationally, as well as the practice of using recycled or repurposed material to make unique and one of a kind clothing and accessories.

  4. Love that orange one. Cool look.