Inspiration from AllSaints

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I love webshops with good photos as I´m always looking for new inspirational designer collections but I need to see the details for planning my DIY projects. Allsaints's Summer 2011 lookbook is like this. Their new women's collection just makes me dye my jeans and tops with coffee or black/gray overdye. It also gave me new ideas for reconstructing knitwear, leather and jersey (t-shirts). I love the styling and will propably come back to it later when I´m starting to plan my summer wardrobe. Of course the idea is that I will use my current clothes and secondhand to make the clothes.

Black and gray overdye. I use it to harmonize the color sceme of all the clothes I buy secondhand. I´m not a friend of bright colors.. There a many ways to do this. You can either put the garment into your washing machine and color it there (like this ikat top) or take a fabric water soluable pigment dye, water it down untill it is runny and paint over (like these jeans). The thinner color will come up looking translucent. Mix a bit of yellow or red with the black to make it slightly warmer as most blacks are blue based and can come up looking more navy than black.

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Tie-dye is one of the simplest ways to refashion clothes. Take an old top (with or without a print), fold and bleach it. Or fold and dye it. Works either way.

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I´ve bought loads of white and powder colored underwear slips from second hand shops. The idea is to refashion 5-7 of them into one frilly summer top.

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Leather body harnesses are the hottest thing right now, worn as a dress accessory. You can find handmade harnesses at Etsy.

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I so need to make myself a leather body-con dress this summer from refashioning a secondhand leather jacket. You´ll need a friend to help with the fittings or a fitting dummy for this project.

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A maxi length knit cardigan will make anyone look tall and slim. A sleeveless vest version of it would work great for summer as it fits under your leather /denim jacket better and is not so hot. You can make this either taking the sleeves off from a long cardi or refashioning one from several light weight knits.

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Want to give your clothes an ecological vintage treatment? Brew a few pots of srong coffee and let the clothes soak there over night. For a non-permanent and more localized dirty treatment, paint your jeans with gold spray paints.

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Outi Les Pyy

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  1. All Saints is very hit and miss to me, I like an element of class to a garment alongside the brands traditional grunge feel. The leather Redex dress hits all the spots.

  2. Thank you!!!

    I really like the idea of overdying coloured/patterned shirts/tops (ikat, yeah!). Will definitely keep this in mind- eventhoug I like bright colours generally.... Also I always wanted to experiment with bleaching - do you have any experience with eco-friendly bleach (as the normals stuff is pretty chemical, isn't it?)

    cheers an ♥ from

  3. Love love love this post! I used to love All Saints but it's a bit expensive for me, great ideas on recreating the look though. Definitely going to be bleaching a black top x

  4. Thanks for all these great ideas! :) I especially find the coffee-vintage effect very intriguing!