Channeling Versace


Yesterday I was waiting a friend to show up and decided to drop in at UFF second hand to check out their spring collection. It turned out they´ve been having a sale all week, jackets(also leather jackets)/skirts/blazers for 10 euro and shirts/tees/tops 2 for 10 euro.. I found some amazing shit: 90´s beaded velvet bustier top, satin scarf printed bomber jacket, cropped leather jacket and a 90´s lace bodysuit. All for 30 euro!! Unbeliavable. It is a rare occation that I these type of embellished corsets being sold anywhere. In Berlin I saw a few for over 50 euro and there is only one being sold at Etsy. The scarf bomber is more of a challenge. I don´t have enough street cred or fancy sneakers to pull on a genuine fly girl look, but I can wear it more 90´s ladylike as Linda and Cindy and pair it up with a black tank top and skinny jeans. The black lace bodysuit was also just too much to pass by. A simple black skirt, the biggest gold earring I can find and it will look gorgeous. On second thought, all of these need some huge pieces of gold hanging from my head to show everybody how it´s done.

UFF still has their sale tomorrow, so check it out!

Velvet Bejeweled Madonna Bustier.

Velvet bustier
Dunes_295 copy

Satin scarf pattern bomber jacket. Channeling Gianni Versace and Gaultier.

90s fashion editorial 3

90´s black lace body suit.


What inspired me to all this?? These:

Music video by Yelle performing "A Cause Des Garçons". This dance style is called "tecktonik".

Boy London by Giovanni Martins 1

bElles - Baskets for elles from Cocoa on Vimeo.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. omg i love this so much! i just did a DIY post about it and linked back to you of course!
    putting the bralet on my list of DIYs to do this spring/summer!

    thanks for sharing! <3

  2. that is some cute shit! :)
    i remember those pics of Helena Christiansen. I heart her