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We were talking yesterday with a good friend of mine (also a fashion blogger) that the main reason why fashion bloggers have such a bad reputation is due to the fact that so many fashion bloggers have no style. And they do not know anything about fashion. This all makes their posting so superficial and boring. It´s like watching an H&M or ASOS mail order catalogue over and over again. Of course these blogs are good for the fashion industry in terms of marketing shit to masses, but they have absolutely nothing to do with style.

If you want to explore and not just consume fashion and style further, you must read about it. Just getting to know the major players and influators of the 20th century will get you a long way. Read about fashion history, so you will find out fact like that the high heeled shoe was first used by men and it was made originally for riding horses! These facts are super intresting and fun. They make great conversation and you will see new deeper levels in the everyday clothes you wear. You will also start to appreciate secondhand and vintage better and you know not to call something from the 80´s "vintage". You get your terms and facts straight. You will also find so many new ways to wear your pieces, start to appreciate good craftsmanship and handmade better and invest in classic pieces. Collecting fashion is a serious hobby, just like collecting art, and I´m not talking about buying a LV bag from eBay. Look up fashion icons and study their extraordinaty style in books and online. People like Anna Piaggi, Catherine Baba, Isabelle Blow, Lady GaGa, Madonna, Grase Jones...

One of the current fashion bloggers that I do love and have a unique classy style is Glamourai. She uses loads of secondhand in her wardrobe and has an act of mixing prints and patternsin exiting ways. I spotted this video from her blog. These ladies are absolutely gorgeous!! What young girls should realize is that the youth and physical beauty will someday fade. Actually sooner than you think.. And there is no 200 dollar face cream that can bring it back. When that happens you should make damn sure that you love the unique Persona that you are and that you are able to carry your style with pride. No matter how much money you have or what your dress size is.

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  1. Thank you. I loved your post on style. I am 50 this year. I love fashion, but find when I go to the stores I hate almost everything in them. I started sewing for my daughter 5 years ago, and then for myself. I definitely don't have the style of those wonderful ladies in the film, but I am hoping that I am starting to develop my own style as I sew for myselft and restyle some of my clothes. I took one of your photos from months ago, the chanel jeans with the buttons up the side, went to good will, brought home 3 pairs of jeans for 12$, and restyled one widelegged pair to slim jeans with the buttons on the side. I love them, no one has ever commented on them, but I love them and feel great in them. I am about to do the same with another pair, but this time with zippers. Love you blog and follow it, but first time to comment. Enjoyed this post very much.


  2. wonderful fashion! I like this .......
    Fashion and Style

  3. It all comes from, one of my favourite streetstyle blogs. I'm glad you've found this and wrote about it! :-)