Do share

Share ideas

This is for you people who don´t understand why I write my blog. I share ideas for free to anyone who is willing to listen to me for a sec or read my post. And will continue doing so as long as possible.

Give and it will come back to you a thousand times more. ...Well actually almost 100 000 times, since there is already over 95 000 of you monthly coming back here.

It makes me feel very humbled and happy.
<3 <3 <3

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. OutsaPop on tyylin piriste!! :) Keep up the brilliant work!! <3

  2. I love this - thanks for sharing.
    Alicia @ Dismount Creative

  3. I love this! am firm believer what you give out comes back tenfold! thanks for sharing!

  4. I completely agree with your philosophy. It's so nice to know there are other people out there that believe in sharing ideas, Outi. And I am so grateful for your site - I have been making things (all kinds of things) since I was a little girl, and you do provide a lot of inspiration and know-how. It's a great service - and even better, it builds community.

    My friends didn't understand why I had a day-long "free tailor" party at my house one day during our spring vacation, complete with delicious homecooked food for snacking while I gave them my services in repairing, altering, or mending their clothes for them. I did it for precisely the kind of reasons you outline here. (The ones that came said it was amazing. I was surprised at how many people thought it was a weird idea, though.) I think if you have the know-how, giving it out to the world results in a better world, plain and simple.

  5. please please can i post this on my blog!!!

    my heart agrees with this so much!!

  6. THANK YOU, If you wish and or have the time please check out my blog to see how i have used the amazing SHARE advice!!


  7. Thank you for posting this, Outi! I completely agree - and always have a hard time understanding people (whether they be high-end designers, pushing a copyright protection for fashion ideas law, or just bloggers angrily claiming that they did a DIY first and should be credited for it).

    Ideas are ubiquitous - the more we share and allow people to use them, the more seeds of inspiration we sow.