Trashion crafts resource - fabric and color sample books

We bought a new sofa this week ("made in Finland" to support local business of course!). While running through the upholstery samples at the store to pick out the color and look we wanted I was reminded about this wonderful craft resource - material sample books! If you have interior design boutiques, fabric shops, architech offices and similar companies that use color and fabric sample books for their businesses, go and ask them if you could have their old color samples. Many shops throw them away when new ones arrive which is a shame because the materials are often high quality and expencive interior fabrics. Perfect for quilts, hats, bags, belts and other small sewing projects. I´m calling the sofa-store tomorrow to find if they would give me some of their old fabric sample books. I could use them for making pillowcases and such. Plus it would be great to have a fabric strip from my new sofa to bring with me when I go thrift hunting for matching curtains.

Photos from Namolio and Muffet.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. I just used some tapestry samples from a fabric store in a scarf that I made. And I've got lots of old fabric samples I am going to try to incorporate into things that I make.

  2. ah! yes - i did an entire project with fabric samples.

  3. I have a ton of those & wallpaper sample books in my home....
    Thanks for reminding me WHY I needed all 200! LOL

  4. I made an obi style tie sash from a Svile Row suit fabric sample book that I picked up at a car boot sale. I also salvaged three furniture sample books from a local interior design shop last year, they'd just left them out by their bins, absolutely nothing wrong with them, probably just outdated but still what a waste to just send that valuble resource to the landfill!

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  6. I work in a designer fabric center and i have been saving and using the samples for about 20 yrs