Keeping up withyour favorites in the blogosphere

After finding BlogLovin my life has just gotten a whole lot easier in regards of finding new intresting people and stuff. It is a service that enables you to follow all your favorite blogs daily. When ever a blog you "follow" is beig updated, it lists it as a "new post". I have many fashion blog that I follow, but this also helps me to keep up with craft artists that I´m intrested in and not to forget anyone.

Blogs are an exellent way to advertise your goods and your fans to follow up on latest items! If you have an Etsy shop or a craft label you should have a blog (put the bloglink to your shop profile) that shows all your latest and sold items and maybe write about your inpirations or working techniques. I love to read about what inspires the people that inspire me! Customers can also send you pictures of them wearing your things to be posted in your blog.

Outi Les Pyy

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