Steampunk styled patterns at BurdaStyle

Picture by Scoundrelle.

I found some cool steampunk styled sewing patterns on BurdaStyle. Hope you like em! And in case you want to see more dressing up stempunk style, check out the Flickr group called Steampunk Fashion.

Steffi blazer (Pattern #7994)

Bella pants (Pattern #6011)

Laura dress (Pattern #6000)
This dress I would make full length for a more victorian look.

Franzi vest (Pattern #9302)

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Hi there, I absolutely adore your blog and the concept behind it.

    My clothing label, Heidi & Seek, has the same recycling ethic. Each item is handmade by me from second-hand materials and factory offcuts.

    Are you interested in a link exchange? I've added yours to my blogroll at

    Keep up the great work!