BurdaStyle New Years patterns

BurdaStyle has released several free patterns and quick sewing projects with instructions for New Years party outfits! As to the "Open source sewing" policy, the patters and sewing instructions can be downloaded from the site free, saved on your computer and printed out with a homeprinter. You can also make your own patterns and upload them to the site for others to use. The site has a community forum and gallery which allows you to upload photos of the creations you have made. Check out th BurdaStyle Best Of 2008 gallery and vote for your favorite!

Rose fascinator (how-to here)

Ruffled Party Necklace (how-to here). Kind of KaPowWow styled neck piece isn´t it?!

Mock Tuxedo Bib (See the Video HOW TO of the instructions on Threadbanger!)

Quick Party Skirt (how-to here). Perfect pattern for sewing novices.

Celeste dress. Free pattern #8132B

The Marie skirt. Free pattern #9177. I for one have been looking for this styled skirt pattern for a while now because I think it looks very highstreet! (Why don´t pattern magazines have more pattern like this!!) Here is also a version from Minttu which just shows how versitile this pattern is. Brocade for winter festivities and patterned cotton for summer days! This pattern can also me made to a dress if you combile it with a corset top pattern.

Kasia pencil skirt. Free pattern #6012. Office chic!

Esther knit cardigan. Free pattern #8027. Beginner level project.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. I've made a skirt with Marie-pattern and was really pleased with the pattern. Here you can find some pictures if you like: http://go4itvol2.blogspot.com/2008/09/vlill-jotain-valmistakin.html

  2. Brilliant, thanks for the tips!
    Hope you'll have a cracking NYE :)

  3. That ruffled necklace might be a good solution for all the small pieces of fabric that I have accumulated. Thanks!
    Happy New Year!!! Janavi

  4. Love the open-back bow dress! Where can I find the pattern for this, please?

  5. I think this dress was one of the 2008 reader submissions at Burda Style. Pattern not available I´m affraid. But this is really easy to make. Just find ANY dress pattern with an open back and sew a ribbon to the shoulders. :)