New Years goodies at Etsy

Champagne Black Tie by Claire La Faye.

Glove corset by Louise Black.

Film earrings by anachronistic.

Glasses necklace by TillyBloom.

Black dress by Miss Mars.

Neckscarfs by Wobashka

Lovebirds headband by Charmschool Design.

Evening neck adornment and shoulder wrap by SEWNBYDCC.

Pinstripe wrap with lace trims by Mary and Angelika

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Oon ihan koukussa tähän blogiin, niin paljon hyviä ideoita ja paljon muutaki aina! jatka samaan malliin (-: tykkään

  2. Truly goodies indeed. Thanks for the inspiration.. and confirmation... Some of these things I was already toying with... It's nice to see creativity is well rounded and that I'm not the only one....

  3. thanks for all this lovely pictures and links very inspiring....

  4. Luv'n all these fashion choices...Louise Black just rocks!