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Fashion Conscience is one of my favorite online shops. It´s like Net-A-Porter for us green fashionistas with clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry and underwear. They offer green designer labels and a stylish and chic selection of fashions. I love the site because you are able to shop by eco-category, you know if you´re loking vegan, fair trade, sustainable or just recycled. Many of my friends could not tell you the difference of these terms so they just call it all "eco". Nothing is just black or white so when one starts a greener life in shopping for fashion, understanding these terms is vital so you are able to make out the various shades of gray and determine your ethnic fashion values. How green fashionista are you?

Organic bamboo and hemp tuxedo jacket by Julia Smith.

Fair trade silk and lace dress by Minna.

Organic high-waisted pencil skirt by Camilla Norrback.

Recycled leather bag by Ashley Watson.

Vegan heels by Beyond Skin.

Outi Les Pyy

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