Fleamarket storage ideas from DIYideas.com

DIYideas.com is a site filled with crafty DIY projects and HOW TO´S for home and garden decor. Here are some creative storage solutions from fleamarket finds.

A trio of now-landlocked water skis cruises to new heights as a handy serving table. The legs are made from sections of an old ladder. Barn boards create the storage shelf. To clean and protect old wood pieces, use Murphy’s Oil Soap and seal with Skidmore’s Wood Finish.

Protect Ornaments with Egg Cartons. Save egg cartons for storing delicate holiday ornaments. They stack neatly in a trunk or closet and can hold dozens of fragile items.

Fill Vintage Suitcases. Stack vintage suitcases in towers to create mini closets for stashing things. Strip, clean, and decoupage the insides. Replace broken handles with belts or ribbons.

Rethink a Light Fixture’s Purpose. Turn an old light fixture on its head and fill it with fresh flowers to create an electrifying display. The collared rim on this painted outdoor light is ideal for holding a cluster of blooms together in eye-pleasing fashion, and its outdoor demeanor means it can weather a storm while decorating outside.

Use Vintage Salt Shakers in the Bath. Salt and pepper shakers are easy to find at flea markets, junk shops, and garage sales. These glass models now hold bath salts and look charming when displayed near the tub.

Add Character to Small Bathroom Containers. Small trophies—available in all shapes and sizes—hold cotton swabs and razors in this bath, adding a graceful presence when placed on a vanity tray with other interesting urns and containers.

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