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Lately I´ve spent hours in Etsy shopping for stuff for an upcomig party. The event theme is rock/burlesque/fetish. It is going to be crazy. So far I have bought this steampunk styled leather mask, black lace fan and victorian lace neck corset from Etsy. Of course all handmade and unique.

My idea is to be a steampunk-rockabilly-victorian gal with a Alexander McQueen vibe. Below some inspiration images on the dress. I have the patterns bought, but I still need to find the fabric... It would be good if I could find it from a thriftstore or fleamarket so I would not have to buy it new.. I´m going to decorate the corset with all the brass colored watch movements and parts I have bought from Etsy in the few months. The whole thing is propably going to weigh a ton but I don´t mind. My sewing machine is still at the repair guy so I have no idea how I will get the dress done in time... But I´m a firm believer of last-minute-panic so things have a tendency to work out. That´s what being creative is all about!

Tartan and pinstripe fishtail skirts and corset by viogeminidesigns.

Burlesque pencil skirt by Maisy Brown Repro Retro

Hair inspiration: Image from

Outi Les Pyy

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