ITS#SEVEN fashion design competition winners

This years International Talent Support competition ITS#SEVEN winners have been announced. This year Finnish Heikki Salonen grabbed the Diesel Award (50 000€) with his graduate collection. Congratulations! There were many zippers seen in the winning collections and no wonder because YKK was one of the event sponsors. See all the winners and their collection images HERE. I recommend clicking to the high-res images so you can see the details better. All of these collections are filled with stunning details. There´s also plenty of event photos available about the show and all the other desgners and collections in the competition.

FASHION COLLECTION OF THE YEAR - David Steinhorst. Zippers galore. Click to the high-res images for a closer look at the zipperwork.

DIESEL AWARD - Heikki Salonen. I loved the cropped unisex suit jacket, patched pants, blanket jacket and shoulder pearl beading.

MARIA LUISA AWARD - Alithia Spuri Zampetti. Stunning paper sculpture clothing.

Accessories Collection of the Year - Valentim Quaresma Unbeliavable steampunk / cyberpunk inspired metal scrap bodyjewelry collection.

YKK Award - Benjamin Shun Lai Ng. Very clever detailing and design ideas on mens footwear.

Outi Les Pyy

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