Yes, the zipper necklace is unisex.

Unisex, what an outdated word. But unfortunately it´s the only one I have do descride that something suits both genders. Soo, my zipper necklaces are unisex. I didn´t think they were until a photographer (guy) friend of mine saw my necklace, tired it on and wanted his own. Of cource I had to make him one. He makes it look good. Susie Bubble, a London girl whom I recently made one necklace to, noticed this also when his boyfriend tried it on. Sorry Susie, it seems this piece has to be shared :) I love the way it looks with guy-cardigan though! I might have to try it myself...

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. This is fantastic! I would hang it on my wall as art. You are really inspiring!

  2. Are your zipper necklaces for sale anywhere? I'd really like to buy one, they're amazing!

  3. At the moment I don´t have them for sale onlune, but I do make custom work. Write to me at[a] I´ll send you more info.

  4. It is fun, for sure!!!

    a kisss!!!

    and susie is sexy at this last photo! wow!!!

    check it out my blog if you can :0

    see you,

  5. i'm pretty incensed that susie didn't blog about your work of art more than she did... "oh, do I want to wear this frilly piece of crap purple thing or the custom made piece of art that Outi made for me? hmmmmm..." blah blah blah. Your masterpiece should get the accolades it deserves. I know that Commes de Garcones made the OG, but you did spend countless hours making that piece of art for Susie that she so lightly picked up out of the package like some other mass manufactured piece of crap, and threw it on her bedroom floor like it was a moldy pizza crust. Grrrr!

  6. this is amazing. i want one so bad! how much are you charging for them?

  7. 300 euros for a necklace of 12 zippers. :)