Trashionista group in Flickr

As you know I´m admin of a group called TRASHIONISTA - Sustainable style and recycled fashion in Flickr. We have over 1000 members so far! I created this group to support sustainable fashion thinking and all you crafty trashionistas out there. If you have made, sewn, knitted, reconstructed fashion pieces, clothes or accessories from recycled materials or eco-friendly materials, this group is for you. Come and show us your talent! Thank you for all who have contributed so far. Below some of my favorites. Reduce Repair Reuse Recycle - TRASHION!

Dress and hat by Sunshine Loves You

Recycled fabric bunny called Betty by JunkerJane.

Patchwork dress by eviegreenpixie.

Reconstructed dress and zipper corset by LoriMarsha.

Knit reconstruction by -astronette-

String scarf by psarokokalo.

Converse belt by rachelyra.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. What a great blog this is! I just stumbled across it this morning and am so glad I did-i made a decision at the beginning of this summer not to buy anything that is not used or secondhand, and i have been making/editing a lot of clothing I have come across since then. So finding your blog is so inspiring!!


  2. o wow thank you for including me! i have outsapop in my blog reader (found you via susie bubble a few months back) and love your work. totally insipring!

    sunshine (sunshinelovesyou on flickr)