DIY microtrend - The Mustache!

Curvy muctaches haven´t been in fashion for dechades, but recently I´ve noticed them popping around everywhere. One of these places has been Etsy and a few of my favorite blogs. Tens of different Etsy shop keepers have listed mustache-items lately (currently 414 items). Not only does a carefully waxed and shaped mustache give you a classic 20´s look but it also gives you a humoristic disguise. I bought mine from Paraphernalia a few months ago. When are you going to join this Poirot-movement? How about making your own and maybe hosting mustache theme party for your firends??? Who ever thought that the Bearded Lady would be a DIY trendsetter one day?

Felt mustaches and beards by Lupin at Etsy.

Strap on mustaches by NDechent at Etsy.

Faux facial hair by Born Lippy at Etsy.

Mustache envy kit and mustaches-on-a-stick by Some Things Hiding Here at Etsy.

Mustache pint glasses from Bread and Badger. Via Design Sponge interior blog.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. There's actually a mustache month called "Movemember" (previously known as November). People are supposed to grow/wear mustaches to promote awareness of men's health issues. I'll have to get one of these fashionable 'staches to wear then!

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