August Trashion favorites - Victorian

Gorgeous Vintage Thimble and Snap Earrings by My Aunt Debbie.

Antique Lace Pouf Sleeve Shrug by Holly Stalder.

Recycled Suitpants Corset by Damsel In Thisdress.

Victorian Cameo Cuff in Purple and Black Leather by Tom Banwell.

Victorian gothic lolita ruffle miniskirt by Black Mirror Design.

Victorianesque capelet with ruffles and pleated shoulders by ParaNoire.

Vintage Victorian lace collar corsage by Nostalgic Corner.

Steampunk necklace by OpulentOddities.

Baroque Collar Wrap by Bonzie.

Corset by Milo Creative Studios

Victorian Tattered Corset Vest Top from Mano Bello at Cync00 eco fashion

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. I love that poufy shoulder shrug, so elegant! And anything to do with ruffles on the bum, I'm so there!

  2. oooOOOOooooo..

    lots of really nice stuff there.. specially from etsy..

    bad for my bank account >_<

  3. just came upon this entry in a google search. you find such beautiful things. i love too many things here!

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