Blue jeans 4ever?

Using recycled jeans has been a DIY favorite material since the 60´s. It´s durable, easy to sew and very available. Just one thing I miss.. variety in color.. Most crafters and designers continue using light blue denim as their most commonly used color. Why, when there´s so many other shades available?? If black, snow bleach, acid wash or untreated darkblue denim is not available denim can always be tinned (dirty treatment), colored, spraypainted or painted to give your project a different look. Just by using various shades of blue helps to make the design more intresting. Below are some of my September denim favorites. They all have a unique beautiful design. Just imagine what they would look like made from a different colored or treated denim.

Recycled denim jacket by SEWN BY DCC

Jeans Couture by Adnan Hassan

Denim belt chair reconstruction by Monkey Giggles.
Re-Purposed Denim/leather belt chair

Recycled Fashion Show at 2008 Maker Faire. Photo by Fiber Queen.

Hobo Bag by Nemesiam.

Recycled punky patchwork denim dungarees dress by Princess Tiger Mouse.

Outi Les Pyy

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