FadMashion emerging designer network

FadMashion is a new site for designers who want their works and brand noticed. “At FadMashion we make it easier for retailers to find fresh, quality talent in a marketplace overrun by outdated, scattered resources and we make it easier for designers to present their wares through our streamlined profile management interface. It has never been easier.“ I found loads of inspirational new talents with just an hour surfing. The site is still in Beta - that promises to solve the problem that designers and retailers face. The site rquires "fashion enthusiasts" to sign in to view designer details and collection images.

Dimitri Scheblanov fashions. Great look to re-fashion old tees and other clothes with a textile pen for a graphic and childlike artsy (unisex) look. I hope my local craft shops carry textile pens also in different colors so I can do this kind of work in the full rainbow spectrum! This kind of refashioning can be done quickly and in one evening. Definately something I plan to get done this fall when it rains outside :)

Octopi NYC. I love the cuts and material combinations in their FW08 collection.

Found via DIY City Mag blog.

Outi Les Pyy

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