The art of asking - Amanda Palmer

This is why I love and believe so much in crowdfunding and open source thinking. It is honest, transparent and just works. Let people be a genuine part of your life and projects and you will thrive. On February 27th, Amanda Palmer took the TED stage in Long Beach, California. I did not hear the speech until now, but I´m glad I did. "Don't make people pay (for music). Let them."

This weekend has been a trial of faith. 
It´s funny how a single speech can restore that faith. 

 Thank You Sass Brown, for the link. 

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. That was great -- thanks for sharing. I loved: "Asking makes you vulnerable. Give and receive fearlessly. Ask without shame."

  2. There have been some big problems with Amanda Palmer though, such as her getting musicians to work for free at her shows while she makes money from the shows. While asking for money is good, and I agree that getting people to pay for a product that they want at a reasonable price is great, she is quite shady herself.

    1. I wouldn't call her shady at all. Everything she has done has been right in the open. Furthermore, the whole controversy around guest musicians not being paid ended in Palmer stating that she got the point, and they started paying the visitors. Isn't that quite ok?

  3. Thanks for posting this. Amanda is wonderful .