Eternal trend - Crochet

One of the very first things I ever customized was a large doily table cloth that I colored black (turned out navy) and sewed into a dress. I made this in 2008. It is still one of my favorite projects and materials. Crocheted doilies are great. They never go out of trend, the have a certain granny aesthetics to them and they fit scandinavian interior taste perfectly. They are easy to source at flea markets, sometime at ridiculously low prices, compared to the time and money that has been spent to make them. They are usually made from natural fibers so even if they vary in color, they can be dyed or bleached to match. Doilies are very easy to sew and that´s why I have made a ton of clothes from them. 

I have dedicated a Pinterest board to this wonderful material. Hope it gives you as much inspiration as it has given to me.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Some of these are EPIC! Who knew crochet could be so sexy..

  2. This year I want to learn chrocheting! Love it :-)

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  3. Indeed, it is trully an eternal trend! I wrote a post about it a while ago and still can see traces of it both in stores and on runway!

    Lovely blog!

    La Kat

  4. totally amazing crochet items! I need a crochet dress as lovely as that as well!
    would you like to follow each other on bloglovin'!


  6. This is adorable. You realized that you made a doily cool, right? Amazing. Who'da thunk?

    Irene (Kildonan)