Upcycling Denim Challenge 2013

Jake & Maya Collective have launched a competition appealing to budding textile designers and creators to submit their own innovative upcycling ideas, where one lucky winner can receive £500 in vouchers along with the chance to join the team as a celebrated upcycling designer. Now they are looking for budding designer makers with a flair for fabulous and an understanding of what makes products desirable to show us their designs and potentially join the team of collaborators at the Jake & Maya Collective!

How do you upcycle denim – perhaps making jewellery, bags, toys, table tops, dresses … anything.

The Upcycled Denim Challenge is the first in a monthly series of challenges that will run each month for the next twelve months. Every month, a winner will be selected to go through to the shortlist. At the end of the twelve months, an overall winner will be selected and receive a gift voucher of £500 and the potential to become one of Jake & Maya’s collaborators! Monthly winners will receive a £50 gift voucher. More than one entry per person is permitted provided the content / idea provided is not a duplicate of previous entries. Sound good?

To enter visit HERE. You have until the end of March to enter.

Upcycled denim pack pack, tutorial at Between The Lines.

Denim pouf chair tutorial, by Michele Made Me.

Recycled Jeans Rug, Crochet, Upcycled Denim at Etsy by Littlest Sister.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. denim is amazing

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  2. Love this challenge! Denim is such a versatile fabric I can't wait to see what amazing creations win.

  3. I love the denim necklace! I just think this is perfect! I am a huge fan of this blog site. I wish you feature really beautiful DIY jewelries for teens and adults. I especially love those which I can sell in the future. :) I am also enrolled in a series of jewelry making classes here in South San Francisco, Dragonfly Designs (http://www.jewelrybydfly.com). They teach copper etching, enameling, stamping and dapping, bead stringing, wire work, resin pendants, finger knitting and hair jewelry! I hope I can be a fab accessories and jewelry designer/entrepreneur in no time.

  4. I love denim is almost indestructible. I always wear jeans but I have to beat my prejudice on denim shirts that still make me feel too casual. Btw great recycling ideas! :)

  5. heeyy :) I've also up cycled 3 pairs of jeans for my school project ( it's on my blog, www.betweenwaterandsky.blogspot.com) :) I love denim as it is very stiff and makes good impression !! :)
    Regards, Maria!