Land Of Dreams - Paloni NYC documentary

Three months ago Minna had an idea. She would rent a space for a pop-up shop in NYC during Fashion Week and ask the designers from her Paloni-store to come with her. The idea was to showcase Finnish fashion in a way and volume never seen before.

27 brands (37 designers) came together.

Pauli Siuruainen documented the whole project from planning to execution and the days after. He focused the documentary on three people: myself, Minna Särelä from Paloni and Jussi Salminen from Olav. It is a unique look behind the curtain to what fashion is and how it is done when you have a small label. By coming together as a group of designers (not competitors), we could do what only a few Finnish fashion brands have done before. Without outside financing or consulting. This project was fashion collaborations and do-it-yourself spirit at its best. We planned the space without seeing it, shipped 1100 items to NYC, had to postpone the building of the pop-up after Nemo hit New York and shot the new spring catalogue for Paloni there. All in less than a months time...

We hope to get this documentary aired on Finnish television, so please see the trailer, like and share. 
Finland needs to see how it was done.

Thank You.

This is what it looked like before we left for the Big Apple and Fashion Week.

Outi Les Pyy

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