Spilled coffee

Once a journalist asked me, "What is the most ecological way to consume fashion?" I replied, "Well we could all just kill ourselves to remove ourselves completely from the consumption chain, but that does not sound very nice now, does it? So I think we need to consider other options. DIY, recycled materials, organic, fair trade, zero waste and second hand sound much better to me." Her pen stopped, the coffee was all over the notes. Reaction and complete attention, check check. It does not help much that I have a grin on my face when I say this. I must look insane. I find it funny as hell, the coffeeburst that is, because I know it´s coming. But I feel this needs to be done. I need to get a reaction out of people to get their attention. Now we can start talking about all the other options. I´ve come up with 11 different ways on greener fashion. So far..

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Outi Les Pyy

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  1. haha I love this!! But there are great ways to be "greener" and fashionable